COVID-19 Primal Kitchen Update

16 April 2020

Hi All,

We have finally just been given a referral from the Ministry Of Social Development (MSD) to be able to operate as an essential business under Level 4.

So our first week back will be the 27 April 2020 just to give us time to get organised and operational.

We apologise we had to shut but we had directives from both MBIE and MPI to stay shut and not to be operational or else we would be operating illegally.

In future due to this referral if we do ever get back into Level 4 status we will still be able to remain operational right throughout.

We hope everyone is well and safe and hope to be serving you guys very soon!


25 March 2020

Hi everyone,

It looks like we will most likely not be granted an exemption at this stage as we haven’t heard back from MBIE so far. So sad to say we will most likely be shut down in level 4. If any of you have ordered for next week my apologies and we will be in contact in the next week or so to sort these out with you.

We are so sorry we have to shut and we wish we could still be doing your meals.

If anything changes to this will be in touch.



24 March 2020

Hi everyone,

The government has now implemented a new criteria that food delivery is only applicable to food delivery of wholefood / raw products / uncooked meals only.

This now applies to us as we produce cooked meals. We are asking for an exemption to this as we deliver chilled meals that still need to be heated up anyway and is not straight consumed on the spot which mitigates the spread of the virus.

In light of these new changes we are going to deliver meals tommorrow Wednesday 25 March 2020 for this week just incase we are not granted this exemption so that who ever has ordered for this week will not miss out and have to rush to the supermarket to take care of their meals.

Our staff are working thorughout the night to pack your meals and deliver them tommorrow Wednesday 25 March 2020. Timing could be well into the evening.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this as we were sure we could operate as well as all the rest of the meal preperation companies which are still saying they will remain open during lockdown.

Warm Regards,


23 March 2020

Hi everyone,

With the rapid moving speed of the COVID-19 virus we have gone into lockdown sooner than we had anticipated and with currently the measures being put into place by the government has left some questions which we hope to address below.

Delivery to Offices and Gyms
If you still have a delivery scheduled for a delivery to offices or gyms. Please contact your local Primal Kitchen below to redirect your meals to a residential address.

Lockdown Level 4
The government has now released a list of what essential businesses may operate and we are included in that list:

Fast-moving consumer goods:
Businesses involved in the supply, delivery, distribution and sale of food, beverage and other key consumer goods (but not takeaway shops)

So we will be operational at the time of this email and should hope to continue to do so. We will be in touch if anything changes.

We are not a takeaway as we don’t allow pick up from our kitchens which are not open to the public. We only do deliveries direct to the customer.

Supply Chain
We have been in touch with our key suppliers and most are able to operate as essential services which will allow us to continue our operation. If anything changes we will be in touch but we hope to be able to still provide meals in this time period.

Kitchen Operations
Primal Kitchen will adhere to the 2m distance bewteen all staff members and allocate additional stations for furthur seperation during the kitchen operational times.

Delivery Service
We will now implement a contactless delivery service where by the meals will be left at the front door and a knock/door bell ring will happen. You can continue to track your driver via the link emailed and will give a time of when your meals will be delivered if this service is available in your region.

All drivers will now santise their hands after every delivery to futhur mitigate the risk of the spread of the virus.

Thank you!
And a big thank you for everyone who is still ordering. Our sales have taken a hit as people have started to work at home but if you enjoy our food we also do deliver to residential addresses and we do a contactless delivery with sanitizing in between.

Stay Safe
Please take care and stay safe and we hope to continue to still provide you meals in this time of need.