Dietary Options

We like to give our customers some choice in regards to what they would like to put into their bodies so we have come up with a few meal options which covers some of the other forms of healthier eating.

Standard Primal Meal
The standard primal meal consists of a protein component and usually 2-3 different types of vegetables based on the menu.

They do contain dairy in them if there is a dairy component listed. These are usually creme fresh, sour cream, butter, yoghurt, cheese.

The only carbohydrates used are complex carbohydrates or low-GI starchy vegetables. These are usually kumara, pumpkin, swedes

Dairy Free Option
The Dairy Free Option cuts out all Dairy from any of the meals and this will give you the full Paleo Option. Dairy is considered a grey area in Paleo Eating however we do include it in our standard option as we believe that it does more good than harm however there are others who advocate against it.

This option will be perfect for those who are lactose intolerant and cannot have any dairy in their diets.

Low Starch Option
The Low Starch option cuts out all carbohydrates from our meals. The carbohydrate component is substituted with another vegetable in place of that.

This option is perfect for those who wish to eat only meat and vegetables.

Carb Option
The Carb Option has been a new addition to try and meet a customer demand in meals which contain a carbohydrate such as rice/pasta replacing a vegetable component. This is NOT PALEO NOR PRIMAL however eating a balance portion of these work for some people.

This option gives you a choice to have usually pasta/rice substituted for 1 serving of vegetables so your meals will contain:
approx. 150grams (Regular) / 250grams(Warrior) protein
100grams pasta/rice
1 serving of vegetables

Please type in what option you would prefer in your Order Notes. If it is left blank your order will be our standard primal meal.