How it Works

We cook and deliver fresh (not frozen) meals twice a week – Monday and Thursday in the greater Auckland Region, Wellington region as well as the Christchurch region.

Couriered meals outside of Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch are delivered on a Tuesday and Thursday,

Each meal has reheating instructions on the lid for microwave and conventional oven.

We offer Dairy Free, Nut Free, Low Starch (for the keto customers) options – just make a note of your food preferences on your order.

We are paleo based so all our meals automatically are Gluten Free, Grain Free, Preservative Free and we use no refined sugars.

We use high quality protein – regular meals have 150 grams of cooked protein and warrior meals have 250 grams.

The Ordering Cycle

Our chefs change the menu weekly on a Saturday.

Ordering is a week in advance, so if you order from the menu showing on the website it will be delivered to you the following week – ordering closes at 9 pm each Friday for meals to be delivered the next week.   Delivery dates are shown above the menu on the homepage

Home Deliveries

Please leave a chilly bin or cooler bag out if you will not be home to receive your delivery.  Could you please state on your order under “order notes” where this will be located.

If a chilly bin or cooler bag is not left outside, your meals will be left in the most shaded spot possible.

If you require your delivery to be packed in a chilltainer with icepacks, these can be purcahsed additionally with your meals.

We also have a cooler bag service where you purchase our cooler bag and ice packs for a one off payment. For future deliveries just simply leave your cooler bag and used ice packs outside and when delivery is made they will be refreshed with new frozen ones to keep your meals cooler. These can be purchased in the single meal pack section or meal pack section.

Meals delivered in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are on a Monday and Thursday.

Nationwide Shipments

Meals are shipped overnight with Courierpost or New Zealand Couriers. They will come in either a poly box or a chilltainer and 2 icepacks.

Couriered meals will arrive on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

Tuesday delivery will be meals marked Monday – Wednesday on our website.
Thursday delivery will be meals marked Thursday – Sunday on our website.

1 delivery options will either only be Monday-Wednesday Meals or Thursday – Sunday Meals.
You cannot mix these meals unless you order the 2 delivery option.

Meal Packs will require 2 delivery option when ordering.

Crossfit Box or Gym

If you are interested in a delivery service to your Crossfit Box or  gym get in touch with us.  We can offer reduced delivery rates on combined orders.